Sex Education

British Web Television Series

First episode date: January 11, 2019
Network: Netflix
Program creator: Laurie Nunn
Genres: Comedy-drama, Sex comedy, Teen drama



Drama/ Story

Netflix latest popular TV series Sex Education is just as seductive as the name of the series. The on demand series is full of humor and open conversation about sex.  The plot is based on the story of a teenage kid named as Otis Milburn – an amateur high school student who lives with his mother. That’s not all she owns an interesting job of a sex therapist.

As Otis is not much of a player but got some great grip on this subject which he can make use to get popular among his peers. Moreover, he tags along with a new friend Emma Mackey played by Margot Robbie look a likable Maeve a smart, confident partner in crime. Seeing his expert knowledge on this subject matter which he gains while living with his mother she proposes him to become a sex therapist in the high school advising students on their romantic affairs.


You’ll find forget to lose attention while watching this intensifying series. The film is all about humor that keeps you interested throughout the series. However, Sex Education comes with an important message that not everyone is same if one is ready to have sexual activity or gets drive for it that doesn’t not necessarily applies to everyone so you should not judge on this scale. All this temptation and humor is going to get it an R rating but fun begins here. Opps! Spoiler alert the first series have already set ground for the second season of this on sensational drama series. So, take the opportunity be the first to talk about it.


The amazing creator of this breathtaking teenage adventure series is Laurie Nunn. She said the teenage girls wildest dream character played by 21 years old Asa Butterfield Otis is infect the most wanted character on the show now. While, Maeve aka Emma Mackey has won hearts with her irresistible performance, charming looks and sweet talk. Take a sneak peak today at the Elite series and must recommend it to your peeps.

Box Office

Sex Education has got vast streaming audience of 139 million global members that transformed the profile of its young cast. The Elite series has been seen in 80 million homes in the first four weeks information let out by the Box office.

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