2019 ‧ Fantasy/Romance

Initial release: May 24, 2019 (USA)
Director: Guy Ritchie
Music composed by: Alan Menken
Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures
Producers: Dan Lin, Jonathan Eirich



Movie Story

Anxious to revive back the child hood memories! Then witness the ever green story of Aladdin ready to pull out off lamp this year.  The story of the film is inspired by the old Arabic folk tale of Middle Eastern.  Let’s begin with the character of Aladdin a young boy who is an unfortunate fellow wonders around the street of Agrabah with his buddy. The partner in crime is no other then a monkey with sweet pet name as Abu.  They go together on some pretty awesome adventures. Like the one you will see in this amazing block buster film. It may involve a weird looking shiny lamp and a gorgeous princess known as jasmine. Don’t forget the cool genie and magical flying carpet all are ready to tag along on this endless adventure.   Opps! Spoiler…

Speaking of awesomeness there is this creepy villain named Jafar. He’s wants to get hands on this lamp to become the greatest magician ever existed to own all the wealth and power in the world. You must run to the cinemas to find out more about the hidden secrets of this cool fluorescent lamp and the humorous genie that lives inside it.


This film is full of drama, action and adventure which make it a top rated film. The real reason behind the hype of this enchanting feature film is the folktale associated with it. In the film, there is lots of dancing and fun. While travelling to the moon and back in the dim light of moon is sure to increase your excitement to watch it.


Lights, Camera, Action! The movie is directed by famous director of The Lion King Guy Ritchie. Moreover, the producer is Dan Lin. Film is written by talented John August. It is a family movie best to watch with your kids. If we talk about interesting characters of the movie are as follows: Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, Will Smith as Genie, Marwan Kenzarii as Jafar, and Navid Negahban as Sultan. So, hurry up, pre book your tickets for the best entertainment.

Box office/ Budget /Business

The most exciting mystery play will be on screen on 24, May this year by Walt Disney Studios. The mind-blowing set and breath taking effects are enough to hold you to the seats till the end. Moreover, the lavish costume makes it appear even more realistic. Take time to watch all the award winning songs “A Whole New World” & “Arabian Nights” from the featuring film of Aladdin .

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