Happy Death Day 2U

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Movie Story

Happy Death Day 2u is a sci-fi black comedy film. The story revolves around a college student Tree who had to solve her murder in order to save it from getting revealed to others. College student Tree Gelbman discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier that the dangers that lie ahead.

Crazy day’s passes and Tree almost died 11 times to save herself from a weird baby face killer. Every day when she dies she wakes up in the same room each day in hope of making it right. The terrifying part is that loop is going to end only when she will discover the true identity of the killer.


Happy Death Day 2u is another part of the film Happy Death Day full of humor, thrill & mystery. The viewers have to watch till the end of this film to find out when is the girl named Tree is she finally going to celebrate her birthday.


Happy Death Day 2U a remarkable film is directed by Christopher Landon. Moreover, the Jason Blum is the producer of this suspense film. It is written by famous Christopher Landon. Behind the scene cast of the film include Jessica Rothe as Tree Gelbman, Israel Broussard as Carter Davis, Phi Vu as Ryan Phan and many more. Check it out and rate it as per your entertainment criteria.

Box Office/ Budget /Business

The thrilling sequel Happy Death day 2U released on the March 18, 2019 on screen with the production budget of $9 billion. It has grossed to 27.6 million in the United States & Canada while 35.7 in other Territories. The film holds the rating of 5.92/10 for being complicated means not so entertaining. But the fun still resides with the entire thriller.

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